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Unburden Your Heart


Artist Name
Michelle Waymire

Description of Project
The world is full of many talkers, fewer listeners, and even fewer open, nonjudgmental conversations. The goal of Unburden Your Heart is to change that.

Anyone who is prepared to be an open minded listener can sit behind our booth and get ready to listen to people's stories, secrets, and sorrows. Likewise, anyone who has something they need to get off their chest can come to the front of the booth and engage with our listeners. The booth will also feature good communication tips and questions that our listeners can ask to help the visitors to the booth truly unburden their hearts.

As a result, our listeners and sharers hopefully make a connection, and each is enriched by the communication they share.

Community Involvement
Any and all community members are welcome to make use of the space either as a listener or a sharer. It is a means of facilitating communication between and among community members.

Requested Minimum: $249.86

Requested Maximum: $249.86

Link to budget: https://goo.gl/2ZHdi7